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Deutsch im Blick


Other link sites
Karlsruhe Deutsche Datenquellen (w/ English version, too)


Deutschsprachige Internet-Radio (links to dozens of online German radio broadcasts)


Die Berliner Mauer
CNN Cold War episode 9: Fall of Berlin Wall(Berlin Crisis from 1958 to 1963) NPR Talk of the Nation: "Germany Undivided" 9. Nov. 1999
The Berlin Wall (a brief discussion)
Berlin Wall (HeikoBurkhardt)
Berlin Wall Art Collection


Internships and Exchange Programs

CDS International offers a variety of program formats to American students and young professionals interested in pursuing internships in Germany.

Looking for a scholarship to Germany? Go to the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program or call 1-880-424-3691, ext. 179 and find out whether you qualify.

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

International Cooperative Education


Need a job?

GoinGlobal international career opportunities

Government/National Security

Wayne State German Jobs Bridge

German Amerian Chamber of Congress

What Can I Do with That?” Database/Blog of professions in which German is being used


German Search Engines
DINO (Deutsches InterNet-Organisationssystem)


On-line Newspapers and Magazines
taz (die tageszeitung)
Zeitungen Online (extensive list)


German-language literature on-line
19th-Century German Stories (stories in German and English, often with illustrations and exercises) (German literature online)
lyrikline (Gedichte zum Lesen und vom Dichter selbst vorgesprochen)